Medway Decking by The Medway Handyman

Timber Decking FAQ

We offer a complete decking service in Kent, specifically in the Medway Towns & surrounding areas. We are not only a decking installer, we also offer a design service.

You can see photos of timber decks we have built.

Will Timber Decking rot?

If constructed from pressure treated timber & installed correctly then rot isn’t a problem. Modern pressure treatment gives timber permanent protection from rot & insect attack. Our decking service only uses correctly treated timber, sourced from a reliable Kent based timber importer.

Is Decking slippery?

Not if proper decking boards are used. The large DIY stores sell decking boards with square grooves machined into the face. These grooves fill with dirt & become slippery especially when wet. As an experienced decking installer in Kent we use proper decking boards that have a profile machined proud of the face of the board.

Why are there gaps between the boards?

Three reasons, to allow ventilation through the structure, to allow water to drain off and to cope with the expansion of the timber as the weather changes - especially important due to the varied weather conditions in Kent.

Does Timber Decking attract Rats?

Absolutely not! This is a media scare story. Research has shown that a Timber Deck is a very inhospitable place for a rat to live. Our experience as a decking installer confirms this.

Will weeds grow through the gaps?

Not if black weed control fabric is used over the soil. An experienced decking installer would always do this.

Why do some Decks ‘Bounce’?

Because the frame hasn’t been constructed properly. Common reasons are; joists not substantial enough, joists spaced too far apart, joists spanning too great a distance without support. Once again, choosing an experienced decking installer will guarantee correct frame construction.

Why do they use those nail guns on the TV Shows?

Because it's quick & they have a deadline! Nailing the frame together & nailing down the deck boards is the fastest way to build a deck, but it has several disadvantages. The frame is much stronger if coach bolts are used. Screws hold deck boards down better than nails and they can be removed easily at a later date.

Why would you want to remove deck boards?

To recover small items (jewellery for example), to add lights or to extend or change the design of the deck in the future.

My garden slopes or is uneven. Is it suitable for Decking?

Decking is the ideal way to turn an almost unusable area into a practical space. Many gardens in Kent are on a slope and as an experienced decking installer we are used to dealing with this problem.

Do I need Planning Permission?

From October 2008 domestic decks more than 30cm above the ground require planning permission. It is possible to design around this requirement, please call & we will be happy to arrange a site visit.

Do Building Regulations apply?

Not generally for domestic decks, but if planning permission is required it would be sensible to check with building control. Our decks meet or exceed the specification for house floor construction.

Is Timber Decking cheaper than slabs?

Generally it’s much cheaper, especially on uneven surfaces or where old slabs have to be removed first. Timber Decking is the most cost-effective way to add an ‘outside room’ to your house.

Would a DIY Deck Kit be cheaper?

Not necessarily! We've priced up several decking kits in major DIY stores and doing it yourself actually works out to be more expensive!

How much disruption is caused?

Very little compared to other hard landscaping. Very little in the way of excavation, digging, mixing concrete & heavy labour.

Is Timber Decking ‘Child Friendly’?

Yes, much more so than concrete slabs. Falling over doesn’t scrape knees! Balustrades can easily be added to edges to prevent falls. It’s also more ‘adult friendly’ since you can walk on it comfortably without shoes.

Is Timber Decking Environmentally Friendly?

Very much so. The timber is from a renewable source and the energy used in harvesting & processing the timber is far less than man made products.

Do I need to seal my Timber Deck?

Yes, to preserve the natural colour of the timber. A wide variety of decking treatments are available, but many people prefer simple decking oil for a natural look.

How do I clean a Timber Deck?

Simply by occasional sweeping. If the deck becomes dirty a proprietary decking cleaner can be used.

Can Balustrades be fitted?

Balustrades finish off a deck as well as improving safety, They can be fitted during construction or afterwards.

Can Lights be installed?

Very easily. There is a wide choice of of voltage deck lighting available.

Can you help to design our Timber Deck?

Yes and we give free estimates in the Kent area.