Medway Decking by The Medway Handyman

Our Recent Decking Installations

Dave & Claire, Swanscombe

Decking job 1 photo 1

A patio past its sell by date. To the left is a filled in pond.

Decking job 1 photo 2

The patio doors are 18" above ground level & were never used. The kitchen door to the left is at ground level.

Decking job 1 photo 3

A transformation!.

Decking job 1 photo 4

Detail of how the huge difference in levels were sorted out.

Paulette & Robin, Gillingham

Decking job 2 photo 1

Before .....The patio was uneven & unattractive.

Decking job 2 photo 2

..... and after. A complete transformation into a garden room.

Scott & Michelle, St Marys Island

Decking job 3 photo 1

The garden was 2' below door level, the step gives access to the deck and the garage.

Tim & Rebecca, Rochester

Decking job 4 photo 1

Deck built for a garden on many levels. Rebecca wanted planters incorporated in the design so we built them in.

Joe & Terri in Upnor

Decking job 5 photo 1

The deck was built to hold a hot tub - weighing two tonnes!

Decking job 5 photo 2

Joe & Terris's deck with trellis to add privacy.

Decking job 5 photo 3

The hot tub!

Clive & Paige in Rochester

Decking job 6 photo 1

The garden was on three levels with a 2 foot drop on one side. We have now also replaced the fence!

Decking job 6 photo 2

Clive & Paiges deck under construction. Note 6" x 2" joists.

Sharon in Northfleet

Decking job 7 photo 1

A wasted spece transformed into a seating area for Sharon in Northfleet

Di & Laurie in Wainscott.

Decking job 8 photo 1

A new extension left a drop of 18" down to the garden, this split level deck solved the problem for Di & Laurie.

Jamie & Naomi in Chatham

Decking job 10 photo 1

Unused area transformed into an attractive seating area

Decking job 10 photo 2

Unused area transformed into an attractive seating area - finished!

Our Timber

Decking job 9 photo 1

Close up of decking board showing non slip surface.

We only use pressure treated timber & design in correct levels of ventilation & drainage.

The following pictures are examples of what can happen when a deck is designed without proper ventilation, proper drainage and untreated timber is used . We replaced this for the customer, but because we had to demolish the old deck, the cost was higher than if we had started from scratch.

Bad decking photo 1
Bad decking photo 2
Bad decking photo 3